about My Store

After growing up going to Thrift stores, Flea Markets, Antiques stores with my mother and grandmother and numerous Aunts, I decided to try my hand at restoring furniture and making crafts.  After several years of traveling all over Texas for trade shows, I decided back in 2016 to sell my home of several years, uproot my kiddos from B/CS and move to Burleson County.  Where I used the sale of our home to purchase not one but two connected over 100 year old buildings and open my very own, Antique Store.  With over 5,000 square foot of rare finds, collectibles, DIY project furniture and much more.  During the last few years, I have worked at the store part time, while holding down a full time job and trying to raise two teenage daughters.  Jump forward to 2019, I still have one teenage daughter at home in High School and I have quite my full time job to solely work on building my business and doing what I absolutely love which is restoring & re-purposing old furniture.  And best of all, "Junkin"!  I love the hunt for a new treasure or finding something special for someone via request.  

Currently, we have roughly over 55 Collectors though-out the entire store.  With many of them bringing in new items daily and freshening their areas.  We have some folks that have decided to let go of their own personal collections, which they have collected over many years, to those like myself that just enjoy the daily hunt for treasures.  If we don't have it in the store at the moment, just let us know and we will do our best to find you what you are looking for.  Sometimes, we may need a photo of what you are wanting to accomplish but we will be happy to look while we are out there exploring.

Take sometime, okay maybe like an hour and stop by and browse our store.  And if you don't see what you are looking for just ask... we have an ongoing list of items that we are always looking for our friends, family and customers.  Let us know, we love the HUNT!