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Do you have a garage or attic or possible a shop full of cool stuff?  Have you found yourself collecting over the past few years and your collection has outgrown your space?  Well, if you find yourself in that situation just let me help you de-clutter, downsize or just make some extra cash.  BackPorch Antique's is designed to accommodate your needs with as much or as little room you may need.  As a benefit to being located downtown in Burleson County, we will help you research your items and help assist in pricing if needed.  Vendor rates are very competitive with other like businesses if not lower than average rates.

General Rates for Booths or Consignment...

Booth Rates:                                                       

Per Square Foot = $1.25 per sq. ft.

Common:  10’ x 9’ (90 sq. ft.) $112.50 per month + 10% commission on sales

(if you need more space than originally agreed upon please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.  However, if you have large or number of smaller items that you don’t have space for, we can place a “STAR” on the ticket and we will charge flat 30% commission on only those items.)

Glass Display case $40.00 + 10% commission on sales



Consignment items are approved and limited to no more than 10 items at a time depending on the size and available room. 

40 (BPA) / 60 (Seller) – first 6 months

50 (BPA) / 50 (Seller) – 6 – 12 months

60 (BPA) / 40 (Seller) – 12 – 18 months

70 (BPA) / 30 (Seller) – 18 months +

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